Get started with your crypto journey on the right foot. These platforms are selected by CryptoOneStop for their performance and ease of use.


Coinbase is a great platform to begin your crypto investment: it has never been hacked, is super secure, adheres to regulations, and supports a wide variety of crypto assets. Sign up today and get a 10 USD bonus.


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The Voyager platform provides the biggest promo bonus in the industry paid in Bitcoin. It has one of the lowest trading fees and provides interest earnings on idle assets. Owning Voyager tokens (VGX) provides additional bonuses, and debit/credit cards are coming out soon. Sign up today and get a 25 USD bonus in Bitcoin.

$25 In Bitcoin

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Another great platform to start with as Gemini has one of the fastest ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers in the industry. It also has a BitLicense and a strong custody infrastructure. Sign up today and get a 10 USD bonus in Bitcoin.

$10 In Bitcoin

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Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a safe and secure plaform to grow your digital assets. Simply deposit your assets to earn consistent weekly interest payouts that automatically compounds and watch your portfolio grow. Sign up today and get a 20 USD bonus in Bitcoin.

$20 In Bitcoin

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Binance is a crypto exchange with the largest selection of assets. It supports numerous financial products and provides many liquidity mining opportunities. Sign up today and get 10% off trading fees for life.

10% Off Trading Fees For Life

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A must-have for all crypto investors, Ledger provides a safe and reliable way to store your cryptos offline on a hardware wallet. Purchase a Ledger today and secure your investments.

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